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Bank of the West is putting its money where its values are and investing in real, positive change—and helping its affluent clients follow suit through portfolios that reflect who they are and what they stand for. Socially responsible investing’s star is on the ascent, and this new investing paradigm aligns perfectly with the Bank’s unique “Change Matters” stance. We partnered with the Wealth Management team to spread the word about a recently launched suite of investment and philanthropy resources—Impact Solutions—designed to give clients the power to invest in the right direction: theirs.

Job one was convincing clients, and prospective clients, that values-driven investing and performance objectives need not be strange bedfellows. To that end, we created a 360-degree campaign designed to move clients from education and awareness to activating their personal visions for change through their portfolios. We started by delving into the psyche of the target audience and developing assets and content that aligned with each stage of the customer journey.

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