Diners Club International Commercial Payments

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Ask the average Joe, or Joanna, what they know about Diners Club International (DCI) and it’s a good bet the responses will be pretty similar: it’s a consumer credit card that’s a great companion for world travelers. While that’s certainly a true statement, it’s far from the whole story. The reality is DCI also has a long heritage serving businesses of all sizes—and it’s that part of the story that needed to be heard.

To get the word out, we partnered with Discover Global Network—DCI’s parent company—to create a video that quickly and convincingly presented DCI as a go-to commercial payments provider. With viewers ranging from tradeshow attendees to social media users, it needed to be impactful, informative, and easily optimized for each use case. The end result was an attention-grabbing video that made the case for DCI and its impressive lineup of commercial payment solutions.