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The value of content is inextricably linked to its accessibility. But accessibility is not always a “slam dunk,” even for the most forward-thinking organizations. Discover® Global Network (DGN) recognizes the power of content and has made significant investments across the enterprise, but providing users with a clear path to the assets they’re searching for proved challenging. Much of the company’s most valuable content was buried deep within its extensive website—meaning searches often required multiple clicks and resulted in dead ends. What was needed was a single point of access for the latest DGN industry news, viewpoints, and trends. Enter IMP-SF.

Drawing on our extensive hub development know-how, we set out to provide a clear path to DGN’s rich content collection, which positions them as a true payments industry thought-leader. Our first step was to partner with Uberflip—a noted player in the content experience space. Building on the Uberflip platform, we created “Insights”—a robust hub that’s as engaging as it is intuitive. And to keep people coming back for more, we’ve established a comprehensive editorial calendar, which ensures a continual flow of fresh articles, white papers, and infographics that explore all aspects of the dynamic payments industry.