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We all just want to be accepted.


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The Discover Global Network (DGN) cardholder base can be summed up in one word: loyal. Actually two: fiercely loyal. But when it comes to international travel, many in the DGN fold aren’t sure if their cards will be readily accepted. The fact is, global acceptance has grown exponentially in recent years, so we partnered with DGN to drive home this fact and to ensure cardholders that cardholders embrace their Discover and Diners Club International Cards as ideal travel companions.

Working in close collaboration with DGN, we architected a geo-targeted campaign in two hot international travel markets: Toronto and London. We developed a range of creative tactics—from digital bus shelter ads in high-traffic tourism and shopping areas, to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts—that clearly communicate that Discover and Diners Club International Cards are welcome in these cities. We consider this a “win-win-win” initiative. DGN builds awareness. Cardholders get to whip out their favorite card. And local merchants feel the love from Discover and Diners Club International.