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While articles and blogs are still the “bread and butter” of modern content marketing, savvy companies are increasingly turning to podcasts, which have seen a huge resurgence in popularity over the last few years. These snackable audio modules are great for connecting with prospects—without the hard-sell overtones of other form factors.

To tap into the growing universe of podcast lovers, we teamed up with Intel to create “IoT Dev Chat”—an information-rich IoT podcast series. Available on leading player platforms including Apple, Pandora, and Spotify, these 30-minute Q&A chats feature our Director of Content, Kenton Williston, in conversation with leading IoT solutions providers. And because everyone is squeezed for time these days, we developed social-media-friendly 15-second teasers in wave-form and subtitled formats to spotlight key takeaways and encourage listeners to check out the full podcast.